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Obstruction of Justice

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Interfering with the administration or proceedings of courts, the judicial system or law enforcement agencies is illegal and is referred to as the “obstruction of justice.” If the prosecution was unsuccessful in charging you for a crime you allegedly committed, they may then try to charge you with obstruction of justice, which may include a state prison sentence of up to 8 years.

San Diego criminal attorney James N. Dicks has experience in defending clients accused of obstruction of justice. This is a tricky area of law that requires attention to detail and persistence in order to have a chance of proving the innocence of the defendant or lack of evidence on the part of the prosecution. An experienced attorney is the best chance you have to protect your future and avoid serving prison time. Attorney James Dick has the resources and staff necessary to defend you in your obstruction of justice case.

Obstruction of Justice in California

The obstruction of justice can be achieved through any one or more of a number of actions:

  • Threatening witnesses or jurors
  • Interfering with an arrest
  • Bribing witnesses, jurors, law enforcement officers, judges or lawyers involved in a case
  • Altering evidence in an investigation or a case
  • Hiding or destroying evidence
  • Any other actions that intentionally disrupt a case or otherwise alter the course of justice

If you are found guilty of obstruction of justice, you may be charged with a felony or a misdemeanor, with a prison sentence of up to 5 years as well as fines. If you were found to obstruct justice in regards to international or domestic terrorism, you may be sentenced to state prison for a term of up to 8 years. Only a dedicated and aggressive defense lawyer can protect your rights and help you avoid a prison sentence.

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